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During a time of famine and unrest that has plagued the Sahara in recent decades, a group of Touareg youth found themselves together in Niamey, Niger. With roots in different regions and tribes spanning from Toumbouktou, Mali, to Agadez, Niger, they were united by a love of their cultural heritage as Tuaregs and their passion for music. Out of humble beginnings this group of friends joined together to form the band Toumastine which in Tamajek means “My identity”. 


Without the means to buy instruments they innovated by using car clutch cables as guitar strings and a thermos as their drum. The group came together and soon released their first album Tahnafet in early 2018.  


Inspired by various Tuareg and global artists such as Tinariwen, Carlos Santana, Bombino and Bob Marley, Toumastine’s music remains rooted in tradition carrying the mesmerizing riffs of Tuareg music, while incorporating modern rock style chord progressions. 


Despite coming from different tribes, regions and dialects, Toumastine is bound by their friendship and their love of music. They dream to one day see their people united and free to return to and develop their land.  As ambassadors of this vision they desire to pass on the important message of unity to their people and to make their culture known throughout the world through their music. 


Toumastine had finished recording their newest album “Assouf” which will be released in 2021. Aghali of the group Tamikrest says of this new album, “The new album from the group Toumastine is the new generation of Tuareg music. It is a new horizon of music.”  

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